This page contains links to text files of tracerts (sorted by month). The traces were conducted at random times, several minutes or hours apart and were completed at various times of the day. In October I began including the time each tracert was conducted. For consistency, all tracerts are to the same IP address (,  a node along the route to PlanetSide servers in U.S.A. In order to reduce the file size, I have only included the first 9 hops and have discarded all tracerts which show packet loss outside those hops. Apart from that, I have not been selective with the data and have included the (few) good along with the (many) bad ones.



Text Files:
(loads .txt into frame, right-click & "Save As" to download)

July 2007

August 2007

September 2007

October 2007

November 2007

This tracert was completed on 31/07/07 at approximately 10:30am.

The 5 tracerts below were completed on 21/09/07 at approximately 2:30pm.